Berlin 2018




I have a friend who lives in Australia and he is so jealous that I can just drive 6 hours and then I am in Berlin and if I drive 16 hours I am in Italy. To be honest I do not feel that I appreciate enough that I have access to so many amazing countries.

Last weekend I was in Berlin for the fourth time, together with my parents, and we drove 7 hours and boom we were in Berlin – amazing.

This was my parents first time in Berlin, so I got to be there tour guide. Berlin is such a beautiful city. For the first time I went on a tourist bus and I actually learned a lot. Also, it was nice just being able to hop on the bus whenever we needed to go to another destination.

But go to Berlin. Enjoy a beer. See the Berliner Dom. Go shopping in Mall of Berlin. Just enjoy the city 🙂

Crazy Life


My life has been so crazy after I came home from vacation – 2,5 months ago, haha. Before the summer I got an internship at Grundfos, where I have been working fulltime from Monday – Friday and then I have been working in the supermarket, where I have worked for almost 3 years, in the weekends.

My internship is unpaid and therefore it has not been possible for me to quit my job. But I do feel very lucky, because I talked to my supervisor at Grundfos the other day and she offered me a job 😀 It is such a nice feeling to know that the hard work I have put into my internship pays off.

Last week I got Friday off so could visit my nephew, and of course sister, in Copenhagen and man that boy is cute!

About last week

Hamburg Hamburg



Last week was crazy! Last Sunday my mom and I went to Hamburg, not to relax, but to shop and get away from the horrible weather in Denmark.  Hamburg was absolutely beautiful. We went on a canal tour, visited the famous park “Planten un Blomenparken” and drank a lot of Starbucks 😉 Perfect mini-vacation.

And now you are probably asking “Why was last week crazy”? I came home from Hamburg Thursday, Friday I was hanging out with some friends and Saturday I was off to Copenhagen to visit my brother and sister, but I will tell you more about that trip later 🙂 So today I slept until noon, watched too much Netflix and now I am going to the gym. Perfect “I need to relax” day 🙂

Baby Shower




Last weekend I was once again in Copenhagen, because of my sister in law’s baby shower. She is having a baby girl and the theme for day was PINK. Everything was pink, even the sprinkles on the cake. It was really cosy and I got to see my sister and nephew, who is getting SO big! Like I cannot believe how big he suddenly is. It is crazy 🙂

Cooking Class


Yesterday I went to a cooking class with my dad and grandma. The food was extremely delicious 😀 I made, together with my dad and grandma, the appetizer and because the class is called “Finer Cooking”, the recipe was a little difficult to understand. But, what matters is that it turned out really good and everyone liked it. Self-high-five, haha 🙂

Major Throwback


Sunday my dad turned 60 years old (!), so Saturday we celebrated his birthday at a very cozy restaurant, called Malling Kro, with the rest of the family and some of his friends. The food tasted amazing and it was good to see everybody again. Actually, my sister gave birth to a baby-boy on Christmas eve, so this was his first trip to Aarhus, which was really exciting.

We are not the best at taking pictures in my family, so instead I will give you guys a major throwback to the nineties, where we were on vacation in Italy.

Looking back part 4

For my fourth trip, last year I went to Italy with my parents. It was very relaxing and we just spend the days laying at the beach. Very peaceful. One of the days we went to Venice and some other islands I can’t remember the names on – but they were extremely beautiful.

In the end of the vacation my sister joined us, which was very cozy. After 2 weeks in Italy we drove back to Denmark and the day after I was off to Turkey.