Baby Shower




Last weekend I was once again in Copenhagen, because of my sister in law’s baby shower. She is having a baby girl and the theme for day was PINK. Everything was pink, even the sprinkles on the cake. It was really cosy and I got to see my sister and nephew, who is getting SO big! Like I cannot believe how big he suddenly is. It is crazy 🙂

Am I the only one?

God I am addicted to Snapchat! I love it and I can not and will not stop using it 😉 It is an amazing app and I use it a lot to stay in touch with my friends from other countries, but also to share fun pictures and small videos with my friends. I love that it does not matter if the picture is good or not, because it will only be there for max 10 seconds.

Cooking Class


Yesterday I went to a cooking class with my dad and grandma. The food was extremely delicious 😀 I made, together with my dad and grandma, the appetizer and because the class is called “Finer Cooking”, the recipe was a little difficult to understand. But, what matters is that it turned out really good and everyone liked it. Self-high-five, haha 🙂

All American Brunch


Sunday my friend Line and I went out for brunch at place called “The Diner”. We got the All-American Brunch and it was delicious! I know that it does not look that delicious, but it really was. I love American breakfast and I love syrup 🙂

After the brunch, we went to the movies where we saw “Beauty and the Beast” – amazing movie, amazing cast, amazing songs, amazing everything. Go watch it, you will not regret it 😉


How exicted I am about owning my own domain 🙂

Welcome to my first blog on my own domain! I do not know why, but I feel like owning my own domain is a huge thing, haha. Over the years, I have different blogs on BlogSpot and WordPress, but I decided to buy a domain, so I did not have a blog with WordPress or BlogSpot in the end of the website name.

I hope that you guys will follow along on my new blog, where I will write about what is on my heart and what I find interesting.