Last weekend I was in Copenhagen, again 😉 My mom and I visited my siblings, my nephew and niece. I cannot believe how big they are getting! It was so nice seeing my family again and spending some time with them.

At the moment I have summer break and I am so bored! I cannot wait to come back to work, haha 🙂 I have watched why too much Netflix this week, but I have also been good at going to the Gym, so I am pretty sure I will survive 🙂

Major Throwback


Sunday my dad turned 60 years old (!), so Saturday we celebrated his birthday at a very cozy restaurant, called Malling Kro, with the rest of the family and some of his friends. The food tasted amazing and it was good to see everybody again. Actually, my sister gave birth to a baby-boy on Christmas eve, so this was his first trip to Aarhus, which was really exciting.

We are not the best at taking pictures in my family, so instead I will give you guys a major throwback to the nineties, where we were on vacation in Italy.

My favorite reality show


I have to admit that I LOVE the Kardashians and I am not even sure why. I guess it is because they love each other so unconditionally and I find that very inspiring. My favorite Kardashian is actually a Jenner-girl, because I love Kendall Jenner. I love her style, her personality and how she thinks that natural beauty rock. And then I like that she wears sneakers and flat shoes, because lets be real – it is not possible to wear high heels in rain and snow 🙂


Self-study day


Today I am having a self-study day, where I have to work on my personal portfolio. I am using Adobe Portfolio, because I am not the biggest coder.  Next semester I will start looking for internships, which is why I have to finish my portfolio this semester.

When I have self-study days I try to make them as cosy as possible. I will light up some candles, have a good lunch, drink lots of tea and stay in my pajamas the whole day.

Welcome To my Blog!


This will be my first blogpost! And I am so excited to invite you all into my life. But before it gets to serious, we should start getting to know each other, so here is a few facts about me.

First of all I am 22 years old and I have two older siblings. I live in the second biggest city in Denmark, Aarhus, which is a wonderful place. I study Multimedia design and Communication at Business Academy Aarhus. And then I will be an aunt in the end of December, because my sister is having a baby-boy.

I love to travel and I just planned a trip to New York in the middle of January 2017, so if you have any tips to what I have to see, feel free to come with suggestions!