Berlin 2018




I have a friend who lives in Australia and he is so jealous that I can just drive 6 hours and then I am in Berlin and if I drive 16 hours I am in Italy. To be honest I do not feel that I appreciate enough that I have access to so many amazing countries.

Last weekend I was in Berlin for the fourth time, together with my parents, and we drove 7 hours and boom we were in Berlin – amazing.

This was my parents first time in Berlin, so I got to be there tour guide. Berlin is such a beautiful city. For the first time I went on a tourist bus and I actually learned a lot. Also, it was nice just being able to hop on the bus whenever we needed to go to another destination.

But go to Berlin. Enjoy a beer. See the Berliner Dom. Go shopping in Mall of Berlin. Just enjoy the city 🙂

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