Cooking Class


Yesterday I went to a cooking class with my dad and grandma. The food was extremely delicious 😀 I made, together with my dad and grandma, the appetizer and because the class is called “Finer Cooking”, the recipe was a little difficult to understand. But, what matters is that it turned out really good and everyone liked it. Self-high-five, haha 🙂

All American Brunch


Sunday my friend Line and I went out for brunch at place called “The Diner”. We got the All-American Brunch and it was delicious! I know that it does not look that delicious, but it really was. I love American breakfast and I love syrup 🙂

After the brunch, we went to the movies where we saw “Beauty and the Beast” – amazing movie, amazing cast, amazing songs, amazing everything. Go watch it, you will not regret it 😉


How exicted I am about owning my own domain 🙂

Welcome to my first blog on my own domain! I do not know why, but I feel like owning my own domain is a huge thing, haha. Over the years, I have different blogs on BlogSpot and WordPress, but I decided to buy a domain, so I did not have a blog with WordPress or BlogSpot in the end of the website name.

I hope that you guys will follow along on my new blog, where I will write about what is on my heart and what I find interesting.



Recently I went to Copenhagen for a couple of days, where my sister showed me the restaurant where her boyfriend works. The name of the restaurant is Hafnia and it is a small, very cozy, restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen and they mainly sell vegetarian food and it is so yummy. Like really yummy.

If you ever find yourself in Copenhagen you should definitely go eat here and enjoy one of their burgers together with a shake.