Looking back part 5



So, now my when exam is over (yeah :D) I will tell you about my fifth and last trip in 2016. Back in August I went to Alanya, Turkey with my good friend Maria. The purpose of this vacation was to get tanned and drink good, strong drinks.  It even took us 3 days to get outside of the hotel and actual see the surroundings and have to admit that the place was beautiful. The only annoying think was that no one told us about the 2 hour bus trip from the airport to the hotel… but not harm done, we survived.

We did not take that many pictures because we were just laying at the pool and in evening we either went to a sports bar to watch the Olympics or we hang out we some of the other Danes.

2016 was one of the better travel years I have had and unfortunately I can already say that I am not going to travel a lot in 2017, because I am saving up for longer trip.

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  1. Mel & Suan
    januar 13, 2017

    Wow Alanya in August would had been warm and the sea a beautiful time to swim in!


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