Looking back part 1

Travel wise, 2016 has been an amazing year. I have visited Chicago, Amsterdam, Berlin, Italy and Turkey and I have therefore decided to dedicate 5 blog posts where I will tell you about each destination.

Back in January I went back to Chicago where I used to live and work as an au pair. I visited my old host family and a good friend of mine.  My friend and I went downtown where we went to Navy Pier, The Bean, and just walked around and enjoyed the city. We ate good American fast-food and I had my first legal drink in the states. I was also lucky that my host family invited my along on small family trip to Muskegon, where went to a luge track, which did not go that well since I ended up in the ER with a sprained angle, ups.

Chicago is probably my favorite city in the world and I was actually thinking about going back again in January but decided to go to New York instead to see something else. I also thing that next time I go to Chicago it will be in the summer J

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