My favorite reality show


I have to admit that I LOVE the Kardashians and I am not even sure why. I guess it is because they love each other so unconditionally and I find that very inspiring. My favorite Kardashian is actually a Jenner-girl, because I love Kendall Jenner. I love her style, her personality and how she thinks that natural beauty rock. And then I like that she wears sneakers and flat shoes, because lets be real – it is not possible to wear high heels in rain and snow 🙂


Self-study day


Today I am having a self-study day, where I have to work on my personal portfolio. I am using Adobe Portfolio, because I am not the biggest coder.  Next semester I will start looking for internships, which is why I have to finish my portfolio this semester.

When I have self-study days I try to make them as cosy as possible. I will light up some candles, have a good lunch, drink lots of tea and stay in my pajamas the whole day.

Welcome To my Blog!


This will be my first blogpost! And I am so excited to invite you all into my life. But before it gets to serious, we should start getting to know each other, so here is a few facts about me.

First of all I am 22 years old and I have two older siblings. I live in the second biggest city in Denmark, Aarhus, which is a wonderful place. I study Multimedia design and Communication at Business Academy Aarhus. And then I will be an aunt in the end of December, because my sister is having a baby-boy.

I love to travel and I just planned a trip to New York in the middle of January 2017, so if you have any tips to what I have to see, feel free to come with suggestions!