Life is just fantastic at the moment! In the beginning of January I graduated from my education, Multimedia Design and Communication, and I was lucky enough to get a job at Grundfos, where I had my internship in the fall of 2017. And now I have 6 months where I will be working full-time and then in the summer I am going to Florida for 3 weeks – life could not be better 🙂

Now when I am no longer busy with homework and handling two jobs, I finally have time to be more active in here – and I cannot wait! I have so many fun things and events coming up in the next couple of months, which I am looking forward to sharing with you 🙂

Crazy Life


My life has been so crazy after I came home from vacation – 2,5 months ago, haha. Before the summer I got an internship at Grundfos, where I have been working fulltime from Monday – Friday and then I have been working in the supermarket, where I have worked for almost 3 years, in the weekends.

My internship is unpaid and therefore it has not been possible for me to quit my job. But I do feel very lucky, because I talked to my supervisor at Grundfos the other day and she offered me a job 😀 It is such a nice feeling to know that the hard work I have put into my internship pays off.

Last week I got Friday off so could visit my nephew, and of course sister, in Copenhagen and man that boy is cute!

Lake Garda 2017

Here in Denmark summer is pretty much over… I know it is horrible! But I was lucky, because I got to spend 2 weeks in Italy together with my parents and the weather was amazing and so was the surroundings! To be honest I could go back tomorrow, haha 😉

Well, I am now back in Denmark and I have, as always, been super busy. In the beginning of the month I started as an intern at Grundfos (a Danish company that sells pumps), where I have been working with SoMe, which is really interesting and of course challenging – but I am learning a lot, which is the point of internship 🙂



Last weekend I was in Copenhagen, again 😉 My mom and I visited my siblings, my nephew and niece. I cannot believe how big they are getting! It was so nice seeing my family again and spending some time with them.

At the moment I have summer break and I am so bored! I cannot wait to come back to work, haha 🙂 I have watched why too much Netflix this week, but I have also been good at going to the Gym, so I am pretty sure I will survive 🙂

About last week

Hamburg Hamburg



Last week was crazy! Last Sunday my mom and I went to Hamburg, not to relax, but to shop and get away from the horrible weather in Denmark.  Hamburg was absolutely beautiful. We went on a canal tour, visited the famous park “Planten un Blomenparken” and drank a lot of Starbucks 😉 Perfect mini-vacation.

And now you are probably asking “Why was last week crazy”? I came home from Hamburg Thursday, Friday I was hanging out with some friends and Saturday I was off to Copenhagen to visit my brother and sister, but I will tell you more about that trip later 🙂 So today I slept until noon, watched too much Netflix and now I am going to the gym. Perfect “I need to relax” day 🙂

Summer in Denmark


Summer in Denmark is a strange thing. One day it is 25 degrees, the other day 15. Why can it not be consistent! Last Sunday the weather was absolutely amazing. I spend the entire day laying outside getting a nice tan… and a sunburn. Ups. It was must needed just spending the day doing nothing and taking the time to gear down and relax.

One week left

How we feel about writing our project

How we look after 17 hours at the school 

One week left and then I have summer holiday. One week! It is amazing, I cannot wait! Last week my group and I handed in our project, which we are defending on Thursday – I have no clue about how the project went. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it ok? I do not know. I hope its okay, haha. I 95% sure that we want fail 😉

Back to the books! I hope you are having more fun than I am 🙂

Baby Shower




Last weekend I was once again in Copenhagen, because of my sister in law’s baby shower. She is having a baby girl and the theme for day was PINK. Everything was pink, even the sprinkles on the cake. It was really cosy and I got to see my sister and nephew, who is getting SO big! Like I cannot believe how big he suddenly is. It is crazy 🙂